Launching earlier this year, the AMBUSH x A Bathing Ape diffusion line represented an all new aesthetic to the A Bathing Ape brand. The infusion of VERBAL and YOON of AMBUSH created a ground-breaking element of design over not only jewelry but footwear as well as we saw the release of an all-new model, the CREEP STA. Some new colors for this season can be seen here which further push the boundaries of color relative to the earlier CREEP STA releases. Available now at select BAPE STORES.






Lotek Spring 2010 shoes. Available 4/20. Stoked to pick up a few pairs!

A simple, clean kick from Creative Recreation. These are sick. Really feelin’ that strap on the front!


UBIQ prepare to launch its new Grace Check Pack for Spring 2010. The kicks are offered in four different shades, including grey, green, blue, and red, each featured atop a black/white base. A release is expected on January 20th via Anout Commune with retail set at ¥12,000 (Approx. $132 USD).

I’ve seen plaid patterns on shoes before but never combined with it’s one true soul mate, flannel. Ballin. I’m definitely feelin’ the grey and black pair, now I just need to somehow come up with ¥12,000.


Ok, these are definitely hot! Really liking not just the one velcro strap, but the second that wraps around the back! I didn’t notice it before, but Adidas has still incorporated there signature 3 stripes still, it’s just very subtle. Adidas has made, yet another, very clean kick for the street. Available Jan 2010 at all Adidas original stores.

Saw these shoes yesterday and they immediately caught my attention. Clean, simple and black, just a really nice kick. I especially love the white stitching and how it compliments the sole so perfectly.

Reemerging from the Sebago archives for the first time in more than 15 years, La MJC brings the Sebago Fairhaven back to relevance with its own version of the classic shoe. Pairing a derby style upper with Dockside outsoles, the shoes offer a versatile platform which works perfectly with the times. A black and white colorway is implemented into the design with contrast toe stitching and brand embossing. Only 40 pairs were made for this launch, now available through colette as well as the Cool Cats online store.


Check out Nike’s newest shoe in their Holiday 2009 Collection. The new Carbon Fiber Blazer High. I think these are really sick and the grey is so tight! The pair is now available from Standard.