After many months of waiting, I finally had the chance to watch Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr, or as we more commonly know him “Lil Wayne” in the form of his new documentary, entitled The Carter. I’ve never been overzealous about Weezy, but there’s no denying he’s a talented rapper, so when this was finally released to the public, I couldn’t have been more stoked. This documentary, although beginning with the consent of weezy and ending without his support, was actually pretty good. You can see once you view it why he might have have withdrawn his approval, as it portrays a pretty vivid view of his weed use and “syrup” abuse. All in all though, an extremely interesting documentary on one of our generations most successful and talented rap stars. Unfortunatley, vimeo video’s are quite tricky to post up here, so here’s a link to the full movie.