By: David LaChapelle Feat. Kanye & Gaga


Taken by Photographer David LaChapelle, an artistic spin on Kanye & Gaga. I’m sorry, but as much as these two create a world of never ending controversy among the music industry, I will always be a fan. Kanye is the master of public humility, but i really don’t care, I respect him for his music, not his person. WHo he is outside music is his business. As far as it goes for Lady Gaga, who else does it like her? Electronic Pop music is hot right now, and she’s leading the pack. She’s already had draw dropping performances and released some of the hottest music of 2009. There’s no one like Gaga. I’m stoked on both these photo’s!

2 Responses to “By: David LaChapelle Feat. Kanye & Gaga”

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